Friday, February 3, 2012

I open the fridge and I see... Patriots

I am trying to figure out my plans for this Sunday. I think I will take Dr. J for a walk. It is supposed to be cool but sunny. Maybe we can visit the Friends Robbins Farm Park. It is placed on the top of the highest hill in Arlington with a fabulous view of Boston. One thing for sure - it is not a hill that I would love to visit on a bike. This incline would be a killer for my knees.
The park has also the longest slide in the area installed on the slope of the hill. Lots of fun for kids.
Friends Robbins Farm Park (Source: Google Maps)

I am thinking about all this since I don't want to stay home and listen to my neighbors watching Superbowl. For the last few weeks I have been seeing Patriots everywhere. People wear Pats merchandise, talk about Patriots, and there is obviously more Patriots on TV than ever. In fact, this is really annoying, since now I am unable to watch news normally. More than a half of the news time is dedicated to Patriots. I see Patriots everywhere. I am afraid to open my fridge...

Well, I would like to share the excitement but for an average European like me, who can't understand why a game with an egg-shaped ball carried by hand is called football, all this is just plain annoying. I actually hardly ever watch TV, I get news from the internet instead. But when I turn the TV on, I wish I had the BBC channel, since New England news channels are impossible to watch right now.

So this weekend I go out and I am taking Dr. J to the playground. It will be empty. Everyone will be watching the game. Great!

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