Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bedford Narrow Gauge Trial

Last Friday, I decided to take a short ride right after work and started in Bedford. My goal was to try the Narrow Gauge Trial that connects Bedford with Billerica. It is a simple recreational path built in place of the former narrow gauge railway.
The trial starts in Bedford at Loomis St. The entrance is well marked with this sign:
First section is paved, and you can find the historical railway to your right. You will not be able to tell from this picture, but the railway is a narrow gauge rail indeed. This little platform car is really tiny.
Once you cross Great Rd the trial's surface changes to light gravel...
and pretty much stays this way for the remainder of the trail. There are some sandy patches in some places, and some nice sections with reddish tree needles.
Eventually, you will reach the Fawn Lake to your right. It looks like it gets overgrown slowly with plants and algae. Some years from now it is going to be a swamp.
After only 15 minutes of riding you reach the end of the trial, which is just off the Springs Rd. Should you enter the trial from this side, be careful not to miss it. Its is not marked at all and hidden a bit between the trees. It is also much narrower than the Bedford's section.
The trial is only 3 mi long (5km) and it really takes barely 15 min. to ride the full length. It is too short to be your cycling destination on its own but if you are planning to reach Billerica by bike, it could be useful.

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