Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's coming!

Feeling the crisp, cool air this morning and seeing some yellow leaves on the ground I finally realized - the fall will be here soon. And... I got excited! I really like fall in Boston. In fact, it is the best season here: winter is usually very cold and white, spring is too short, and summer is long and extremely hot and humid. September and October are clearly the two best months in the year. Trees look gorgeous with dressed in many colors, it is still mild and warm but all of summer's humidity is gone and air becomes crisp - just like today.

In my mind, I also keep going back to the previous years and think again about all the fun things I used to do in the fall like apple picking and hiking. It will finally be the time to make use of the fireplace and get cozy with a glass of malmsey after a long autumn ride.

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