Friday, November 2, 2012

Impatient drivers

I am sure most of you, cyclists, were in a situation when an impatient driver required you to give the way, thinking you were slowing him/her down.

Last evening I was riding back home from my workplace. At an intersection, the light was red and I was patiently waiting for it to change. I stopped my bike in front of all other cars, a bit to the right. This way, I was sure that drivers could see me. Then, I heard a loud honk. First I thought: "Relax, it's red. You are not going anywhere". But I turned around. The car that stopped behind me had no turn signals on, so I was sure that driver's intention was to go straight. I was about to ignore it when I saw a woman driver hectically waving her hands and showing me to move over. I assumed she wanted to turn right on red (legal in Massachusetts in most situations) and I was blocking her way. Well, I moved over, saving her less than 10 sec. That's how long I had to wait for the green light.
I wish there were more signs like this on our roads (Source:

I noticed that before - cycling to work relaxes me. When I am on my bike, it doesn't matter if I arrive a minute earlier or later. I know that I will be there anyway. But I think when people drive, they are more stressed, more impatient.

She was lucky, anyway. Lucky that I saw her hand gestures. Usually, I just look for turn signals, no further, so I would simply ignore such a "request".

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