Friday, August 30, 2013

A week in Maine

I was away for a week recently, spending some time with my family in Maine. No - no biking this time, but I did have a chance to visit the Sunrise Trail. It's a dirt/gravel path, about 137km (85mi) long, that stretches from Washington Junction near Ellsworth all the way to Ayers Junction in Pembroke. The trail is built in place of the former railway and except cyclists, it is often used by ATVs and horseback riders. It would be fun to ride the full length of this trail some day. That could be an easy ride since the trail on its full length looks pretty much like this:
Sunrise River Trail in Machias - light gravel and dust for 85 miles.

Another place I also visited this year was president's F.D. Roosevelt's summer home on Campobello Island in Canada. It looks like either the president or his children enjoyed riding bicycles as well.
Roosevelt's bicycles on Campobello Island.

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