Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Phoenix Bike Project - part 2

I am making a pretty good progress with my old/new Frankenbike. I cleaned most of the components and those few missing, finally arrived. I also had the new wheels built.

The more challenging part was to prepare the frame and fork properly. I have worked on removing the old paint from the fork and found out that even the powerful bead blaster I have is not powerful enough. That powder coating seems to be very hard and durable so blasting it off was just too slow. What worked much better was a simple power sanding tool with 180 and 320 grit sandpaper pads and a Scotchbrite pad for final polishing. For those hard to access areas I used some small Dremel tool brushes with steel bristles. The fork is now shiny and clean, ready to be installed.
I have to work on the frame now and once this is done, it will be time to just put all this together. Phoenix bike will be reborn soon.

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