Thursday, November 7, 2013

Months of grey

Not so much going on recently. The dark part of the year has begun last weekend, which means that from now until the end of February there is no excuse - lights are mandatory on your bike. Don't be a bike ninja!
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Even though it gets dark so early now, the weather has been very nice for the last few weeks (I have even seen a guy wearing shorts on his bicycle this morning!) and I wish I could go for some longer neighborhood rides after work on my Poprad. But I can't because... it gets dark so soon. I just don't see any point in riding in darkness. No headlight is going to change that. This means I have to wait for spring and my Poprad will stay grounded for the next 4 months.
Despite the fact that the weather has been very warm and relatively dry recently, November has just begun and this may mean more rainy days ahead. Time to get that rain gear ready and install fenders if you happen not to have any on your bike.
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The months of grey are coming. Let's get ready.
Months of grey (Source:

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