Friday, February 21, 2014

Oops, I live in the wrong city!

This was news a few days ago so you may have heard about the Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation and Recreation response to Boston cyclists asking for removing snow from bike paths:
I am tired of our dedicated team wasting valuable time addressing the less than .05% of all cyclists who choose to bike after a snow/ice event (...) If someone is completely depending on a bike for year-round transportation, they are living in the wrong city.
Looks like I live in the wrong city. Yes, my city caters to drivers in winter, not to the "0.05%" of cyclists who bike despite the snowfall. But my city doesn't even cater to majority. If they did, they would've  been plowing sidewalks first and pushing all that snow from sidewalks into the traffic lanes, not the other way around.
After the 2 or 3 (I lost the count already) snow events last week, I started wishing that the city would not plow streets in winter at all, just compact the snow with snow groomers. Obviously when there is a lot of snow this may not be the best idea but not only the city would look much prettier. This would also force all drivers to slow down and finally learn how to drive.

Meanwhile, since we can't count on the city (or our smaller towns around Boston), we have to do it ourselves:

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