Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring time?

Looks like the warmer weather has finally arrived. At least for a short while (We had another snowfall today). Snow is melting and somehow more cyclists start to show up on the streets. Many of which will quickly realize that "fender season" is now in full swing.
I generally avoid Minuteman Trail and other bike paths in winter since they are at the opposite end of I-95 when it comes to snow plowing priority. But as Tuesday's weather was just so warm and inviting, I decided to take a longer route back home and try to ride on the bike path instead. Unfortunately, while Minuteman Bikeway looked mostly clear and free of snow, you couldn't tell the same about the Lower Vine Brook Trail:
And this means that I was a bit too quick. Yes, spring is slowly coming but it's not here yet. I will have to wait longer and until the snow is gone for good. For now, I stay on the road, with cars.

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