Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday of things

First of all, it seems that spring has finally arrived. Well, almost. I still can't find a single flower or a single new leaf on a tree.
Nope, not yet.
But anyway, it feels like spring, it smells like spring and it looks like spring so it must be spring. Finally.
All this means that I started using Minuteman Bikeway more often again, especially that my company moved to a new location just 2 weeks ago. This also means that my commute is 10mi (or 16km) long one way, so it takes me more time than ever to get to work. And the best way of getting there is to take MB all the way to Bedford. Quite a ride on a slow bike like my Schwinn, but at least I stay away from the car traffic.
Speaking of car traffic, it may be a royal pain in the rear end sometimes, especially  when some (mostly truck) drivers think that they own the road. Bikeyface shows us what would happen if this "ownership" has changed:
"If I owned the road" by Bikeyface.
In my new workplace I had to ask the question of where to park my bike because this brand new building obviously has no bicycle racks of any kind at all. The answer was encouraging: "Just leave it in the hallway". Great! I can park my bike inside. We'll see for how long.
The weekend is supposed to be nice and sunny. I am looking forward for another bike ride.

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