Monday, November 3, 2014

Monetary and daylight savings

After the cold and rainy weekend sun has peeked through the clouds again. But despite the really nice weather this morning, I had to take my car to work as I needed to run some errands later and running them by bike, although totally possible, would be simply time-inefficient.
A quick stop at the pump came with a surprise that a gallon of gas costs only $3.10. Cheaper than a gallon of milk! Looks like bikers have just lost a few fellow commuters. Cheaper gas means usually less incentive to save money and ride a bike to work instead.
Expensive gas = more cyclists on the road? (Source:
It's November and the time to switch clocks an hour back. Which means a dark commute for the next 4 months. Time to check on those lights. Don't be a bike ninja!
This also means that soon I will be saying goodbye to the Minuteman Bikeway. I like riding my bike that way from Arlington to Bedford, even though it takes me more time to get to work. Avoiding smelly cars and general traffic is well worth it.
But this popular path has one major flaw that makes it less attractive in winter time. It is nearly completely pitch black after 5 p.m. There are no street lamps and even with a decent headlight on my bike I don't find riding in complete darkness enjoyable. This makes me choose the alternative path along the busy Rt 2A, even if it means riding along the car traffic.

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