Thursday, January 19, 2017

Killing in the name of

Welcome to America - the land of the free! We have our rights guaranteed by the world's first modern democratic constitution. This amazing invention gives us so much freedom and liberty, yet at the same time makes us all equal in obeying the law. At least that's how it was in 1789. In 2017 however, some people are more equal than others.

Senator Jim Tomes (R) of Indiana wants to flush the First Amendment down the drain by introducing Bill 285 that allows police to "deal with traffic obstructions by protestors" (defined as 10 or more people) "by any means necessary".

Similar solution is considered now in North Dakota, where it may be completely legal to run someone down with a car as long as such person is obstructing traffic during a peaceful protest.
Wait, what year is it now? Is it really 2017?

Ah, car traffic. The holiest of American things. We love unobstructed flow of car traffic so much that we designed the entire transportation policy around it. We love our cars so much that soon new generations of Americans will be born with right foot stronger and larger than the left one. And now, we are trying to protect our holy "right" to drive by introducing this convenient option to shoot or run over those unprivileged people with no cars - merely traffic obstructions, not human beings anymore.

Is it just me or is this shit seriously wrong? Or maybe I'm wrong and Jim Tomes just wants to get home early?

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