Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sorry, I got distracted but at least I didn't kill anyone

Sorry, I got so distracted by my life that I didn't realize a half of this month is already gone. I'm trying to ride my other bike a bit more recently but it turns out to be difficult sometimes, since lots of local trails are still flooded and inaccessible.
Soggy spring has arrived and everything started blooming slowly. Still no leaves on trees but at least we know they are coming soon.
My distraction is meaningless, but in general, cell phone distraction is now one of the most common collision causes on road. It turns out that 88% of smartphone owners use them while they drive. You can easily imagine what may happen when you look at the screen of your smartphone and not the road. If you can't, take a look at the pictures of this head-on collision, when a Texas driver killed 13 people because he was texting while driving 80mph. He was allowed to text and drive as Texas is one of only four states that doesn't ban it.

It's pretty clear we have a huge problem and you would think media should notice that. Unfortunately, they prefer blaming victims (duh!), which leads to some ridiculous situations when The Today Show blamed pedestrians for collisions because of "distracted walking", which "they illustrated by showing a video clip of a person being struck by a driver while standing on the sidewalk"! Clearly, whether you are distracted or not by your cell phone's screen, cars or trucks should never be a threat for you when you're on a sidewalk.

It seems that we've got a new technology and this tech is now killing us, because of our strong dependence on both smartphone and cars. Interestingly though, we already have a solution that would essentially turn smartphone into "dumb" phones when driving. It was developed a decade ago but no cell phone provider is interested in implementing it, fearing lost profits.

So don't text, tweet, instagram, email or whatever else, when you drive. Remember that you are operating a heavy and powerful vehicle that can easily kill someone. Be like Spiderman - with great power comes great responsibility.

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