Monday, April 16, 2012

Tell me why you don't like Mondays?

I had an amazing commute this morning - so quick, so easy, so light. All that despite the heat of over 31C (88F) that we are suppose to get later today. Yes, it was getting hot, but the morning breeze kept me cool and I could tell that the car traffic was much lighter (Could this be because of today's Boston Marathon?).
I knew that somehow my ride was faster than normal since in places where I usually crawl in the 2nd gear of my Nexus hub, today I was in the 3rd. Now I keep wondering how was that possible. Could this be the warm weather and the feel of summer that gave me an energy boost? Or was it just the reverse case of Mondays. Usually, people hate Mondays since it means that the weekend is over and it's time to go back to work. For me, it's quite different. Since I rarely find time to ride my bike on weekends, Monday morning is the time I can hop on a bike with freshly charged "batteries" - my restored energy reserves. I probably wouldn't feel that way if I had to sit in the morning traffic. One more positive thing about cycling, I guess.

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