Monday, May 14, 2012

And the winner is...

Remember my post from Tuesday, a week ago? I was writing about yet another commuter race to be held in Boston's urban area. This time a bicyclist, a T-rider and a driver were racing from Davis Square in Somerville to Kendall Square in Cambridge. The race is over now. Guess who won and why was it a cyclist (again)? wrote about this event:
It’s official: Riding a bicycle is the fastest way to travel from Davis to Kendall squares during rush hour.
Duh! (Newsflash: our planet is round!)

The cyclist completed the race in 20 min., the T-rider finished second in 29 min., followed by a driver who managed to reach the finish line in 32 min. I am happy to see this result but I don't think it's exciting anymore.

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