Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lower Vine Brook Bikeway

We seem to have a pretty rainy May, which makes me enjoy days like yesterday even more. 

I usually take the shortest route on my way to work, which involves riding with/between cars on Rt 2A (Fortunately, this road has a nice shoulder I can use as a bike lane substitute). I am not in a mad rush in the morning, but I am focused on getting to work relatively quickly and my mind is occupied with different tasks I am supposed to have done on a given day. 

The situation is quite different on my way home. On warm days, like yesterday, I really enjoy riding back home at a leisurely speed and I take a longer route avoiding most of the road traffic. The path takes me through the Lower Vine Brook forest in Lexington. It is a truly peaceful place where bike path crosses multiple small bridges on the Vine Brook . I really enjoy going back home this way on warm, sunny days. Especially after sitting at the desk at work for the most of my day. I can slow down here, calm down, and just ride my bike. 
The best thing is that this bike path is somehow a bit forgotten. I hardly ever see another cyclist there, usually just very few people walking their dogs. It seems strange as the Lower Vine Brook path is much nicer than the Minuteman Trail that it eventually connects to. It could be because it's located a bit off the beaten path, while the Minuteman is a major biking "highway" here. Also, you will not find lycra-clad road bikers going 30mph there as, unlike the Minuteman Bikeway, it's too bumpy to ride at this speed. 

If you happen to be in Lexington some day and find the Minuteman too busy to ride, try the Vine Brook path. It is worth it.

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