Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On my way back home...

I had an eventful way back home yesterday afternoon. Usually, I just ride my bike along Rt 2A and... nothing happens, so there is really nothing worth writing about. Sure, I enjoy my ride, especially on the way back since there is a 2-mile long section with lots of traffic and cars following each other bumper to bumper. I enjoy it, since I am glad I am not stuck in this traffic. But yesterday was different.

First, I witnessed something that could have lead to a serious accident. Far ahead of me, I noticed a girl on a bike who was waiting for the green light and stopped to the right of the column of waiting cars. Once the light turned green, cars started moving and she attempted to do so as well. I don't know if this was stress, lack of experience or the large (and likely heavy) pocketbook she had in the front-mounted basket (I suspect all three), but she didn't get on the bike right and she toppled with her bike to the left... in front of a coming car. She was fine and the car stopped quickly as it just started moving. It looked a bit scary for a moment and she probably was a bit shaken as she decided to continue her trip by walking her bike on the sidewalk.

Then, as I was approaching another intersection and I was going pretty fast, I noticed that the light was already yellow. This made me think that I was risking entering the intersection on red so I pulled my brakes. Next, I heard a loud "Wow!" behind me. Yes, that was another cyclist who anticipated that I would run the red light just as he was planning to do. He was forced to stop right next to me. He didn't say anything but I felt like saying: "Yes, I have good brakes and no, i don't run red lights."

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