Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rolling resistance

This morning I finally decided to use my floor pump and properly inflate tires on my Schwinn. As I mentioned before, I have the worst tube valves on this bike ever. Fitting the pump chuck on such valves is really a challenge.
My Schwinn's Schrader valves have no nuts securing the threaded valve stem on the rim.

This is why I usually use my tiny Lezyne pump to inflate these tires. This pump comes with a threaded fitting so I can easily screw it on the Schrader valve instead of trying to push it on. Unfortunately, the pump has no pressure gauge so I had no idea if my tires were properly inflated and this morning I realized how bad the situation was. For the last several weeks I must have been riding on semi-flat tires, deflated to about 1 bar. After properly inflating them, I was good to go. What a difference this makes! I got to work in no time.

So remember - check you tires! Don't be a victim of rolling resistance.

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