Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It just happened so that I had to travel for business, and I spent a few days in a small town in the middle of Indiana. This rural countryside - obviously very different than the Boston area, is dominated by corn. It grows everywhere. Pretty much every household has its own grain silo, a tractor, and possibly some horses.
When it comes to bicycles, yes, locals use them but nobody here thinks about transportation cycling seriously. For a good reason. Try to haul a ton of corn and a horse on your bike. I didn't see any adults biking with groceries either. However, kids loved to bike for sure as there were many kid bikes everywhere around the town.
As you can see, despite living in the middle of a cornfield these people do bike from time to time. And they don't get discouraged by insufficient bicycling infrastructure. Or a complete lack of it. In fact, in the entire town I noticed only one bike rack.

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