Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Impatient cyclists

I had to drive to work this morning since I had some errands to run and bicycling was unfortunately not the best option. On my way there, I met a cyclist on the road. She was dressed in style and was riding her electrically-assisted city bike with confidence. This view put a smile on my face and I thought to myself "We really need more cyclists like her".

And then, she ruined it. All the positive impression she made was gone in split second. We got to the intersection and stopped at red light. All of us, drivers. But she decided that waiting for the lights to change is unnecessary and continued straight through the intersection. Why?! How much time are you going to save this way? Can't you just wait 10 sec. for the green light (It actually took less than than)?
Running red "meme" (Source: QuickMeme)

I know that in certain situations (totally empty intersections) and some places (Paris, France) such behavior may be acceptable, even legal. But since our law is different here in Massachusetts, bicyclists like her should obey it. Seriously. Otherwise, they are just putting one more argument into motorists' basket named "We will accept cyclists on roads once they start obeying the law!"

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