Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smelly mornings (cont.)

Beautiful weather this morning. It's sunny, cool and all the trees tell me it's a full-blown fall season. Then something disturbed my picture-perfect commute. It wasn't a smelly truck this time but an animal. A dead one. Ever had a chance to ride your bike next to a freshly-flattened skunk? Sure, I had such encounters in the past when I was driving my car but this doesn't count. When you drive you move faster than on a bike and you are protected by the metal cage around you.

Riding my bike, I am much more exposed to these things. I can't say that I enjoy it but it makes me more aware of the world around me. So I tried to pass the poor creature as fast as I could and I could only hope not to mess my bike with its guts.

This is one thing I remember well when I took Elka to Poland the very first time. We were walking through the city and passed a local zoo when I said: "You see, the big difference between this country and the U.S. is that the only skunk in a several hundred miles radius is in this zoo".

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