Thursday, February 14, 2013

The advantages of winter blizzards

The "scary" blizzard is long gone but despite a much warmer weather this week there is still plenty of snow piled up everywhere along roads. And still a lot of it is blocking some traffic lanes to the point where you can't really fit a car between the huge snow bank on one side and the second traffic lane on the other.

While biking to work this week I realized something - blizzards are good! They really help cyclists! Well, not blizzards themselves but what happens after. With half of the width of the rightmost lane occupied by snow there is simply no space for cars to travel, but there is plenty of space for bikes. Usually, I ride my bike about 2-3 feet away from the curb but now I have the comfort of taking the whole lane and not being honked constantly by passing drivers. They too realize that out of two lanes in each direction they can only use the left one. The rightmost one becomes a cycling lane. Nice!

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