Thursday, February 21, 2013

Windy winter wonderland

We are having a very "bikeable" winter week. It is pretty warm for Boston's February standards (high 20's F) and sunny. Yet there are two things that make my commute a bit troublesome the last few days.
Headwind. (Comic strip from

Wind. It slows me down to a crawl. I noticed that it takes me a couple more minutes to get to my destination, especially in the morning. And why does it always have to blow the wrong way?

Salt. We are at the end of winter season, which means that by now all streets around are thoroughly preserved with a thick layer of salt. But what may be good for roads is not good for bicycles. Not only my usually black bicycle looks greyish-white right now, but I also noticed multiple corrosion spots on it. These are mostly on the rear rack and I couldn't care less about them. Generally, as long as the drivetrain (rear hub, chain, cranks and bottom bracket) and breaks work, I don't worry about the rest. I keep the chain oiled and brakes adjusted. Nevertheless, my bike desperately needs a serious spring cleaning.

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