Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Not much new and exciting happening lately. Even spring is somehow slow and lazy to show up this year. This morning I had to take a ride to Trader Joe's to pick up some last-minute Easter items. Flowers for our Easter table was just one of them.
Another one, was a "brick" of butter. I needed one to carve a lamb out of it. It is one of our Easter traditions and American butter is unfortunately useless for this purpose as it only comes in sticks. I have no idea how to carve a sheep out of a stick of butter. It would probably look like a crocodile. I had to buy an Irish "brick" butter then.
On my ride back home I noticed some first signs of spring but it still looks like trees are a bit shy to grow new buds. I give them a couple more days. Anyway, it is getting warmer and with today's temperature of over 15C (~60F), I feel like spring is finally here.

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