Thursday, April 25, 2013

Across Lexington

Spring is here. Snow is gone but trees and bushes are not completely green yet. With no leaves, the forest looks empty and you can easily spot things you were missing before. This all means that now it is the best time to explore the neighborhood and look for those well-hidden tiny, narrow paths that take you through the forest to previously-undiscovered areas.

This week during my work commute, I started taking a bit longer but scenic route home - The Lower Vine Brook path and then the Minuteman Trial towards Arlington. And I noticed something new that wasn't there before:
These little blue markings seemed to be scattered all the over Lexington area. A quick look at the above shown web address and the mystery is revealed - Lexington wants to emphasize the importance of "sustainable transportation" and is introducing a system of greenways as a way to move around the town on foot or by bike. Very commendable!

The blue signs that I noticed are markings for the 5.5 mi long pilot route. The map is available here. It is a pleasant ride, although some sections are narrow, steep paths in thickly forested areas and are probably suitable for bicycles with more gears than I have on my Schwinn.

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