Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Connecting the neighborhoods - Middlesex Greenway

I wrote some time ago about the initiative to build a bike and pedestrian greenway circling around Lexington. The goal was to enable easy travel around the town by bike and on foot, far away from car traffic, in relaxing, forested areas.

Apparently, Lexington is not alone. There is another initiative, called Middlesex Greenway, that will build another series of bike paths connecting Minuteman Trail in Lexington with towns of Burlington, Woburn and reaching as far as Middlesex Fells paths in Stoneham. You can learn more about it here and also download a map of the proposed greenway.

For those of you familiar with the area, you will notice that the proposed path runs along some sections that have presently no bicycling infrastructure at all. I am curious to find out how these placed are going to be rebuild. For example, the path runs along Bedford Rd and Willow St in Woburn. Can we expect some bike lanes on those streets?

Overall, this is a very good news. While it is not too difficult to travel through northern Boston's neighborhoods by bike, greenways are always welcomed. They should stimulate citizens to bike more and will give us an option to stay away from many busy streets.

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