Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 is here. And while I have some cycling-related plans for the new year that I will keep secret for now, I am not going to make any New Year's resolutions at this point. I figured that it's better to keep my options open and not commit to something I may have a difficulty to find enough time for.

Of course, I am not going to give up cycling, both for transport and recreation but I am not planning anything wild this year. However, if you plan some crazy adventures on your bike as a part of your 2014 resolutions, it may hard to beat this:
 Maria Leijerstam on the way to the South Pole (Source: Icetrikes).

Maria Leijerstam completed a 400 mile long expedition to the South Pole from the edge of the Antarctic continent on a bike. It took her 9 days as she raced against two male competitors. However, unlike both men, she rode a fat-tire recumbent bike, which proved to be superior to more conventional bicycles. Not only the recumbent was extremely stable in strong winds and more aerodynamic, but could also be fitted with a very low gearing allowing Maria to climb some steep mountains and take a more direct route to the South Pole. Amazing!
Maria on her bike (Source: Icetrikes).

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