Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter updates

Not much going on recently. It's the usual winter time in New England despite the picture presented to us by media. We are supposed to be hit this winter by a mysterious polar vortex. And while it did brought some really chilly air to Great Lakes and Midwest, I don't see anything unusual here in Boston. This winter is just like any other here. First, it starts slowly and December is still pretty mild. Then we get some snow, which is usually about a foot deep. Then comes January and we get a week or two of -15C (5F) weather.
That's the temperature we had last Tuesday when on my way to work my fingers froze slightly just like everything else around. Despite that, it wasn't a bad ride but not a completely uneventful one either. Someone decided that it was a good idea to cover up a large patch of ice just in front of the parking lot on my office building with a layer of sand. What's good for cars is not necessary great for bicycles. Thinking it's just a sandy road I rode through it a bit too fast, my front wheel skidded and I landed on ice. No damage taken, but it reminded me to watch out more for those icy streets.
The next day I had some other errands to run and it was easier to just drive instead. Perhaps the though of the previous day fall had something to do with it as well. But choosing to drive was good for one reason - it made me realize an interesting pattern. Whenever I drive my car to work in winter, nearly every time around 3 p.m. I feel sleepy, tired, lethargic and all I think about is to take a nap. But on the days I ride my bike instead, this feeling never comes. I am energetic the entire day. Riding my bike to work in winter must have something to do with it.

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