Thursday, May 8, 2014

Local news

Something from my town (Arlington, MA). Our local business council is wondering how to lessen everyone's daily dependence on cars:
"Arlington has a lot of commuting options compared to other communities,” said Monica Tibbits-Nutt, executive director of the council - among them Red Line access and bus stops along Mass. Ave. “We’re trying to understand why, with so many options, people are still choosing to drive."
And their solution is to bring Zagster to Arlington. It is supposed to be a bike share program on a budget - less expensive than Boston's Hubway, but still efficient and accessible. My take on this idea is:
  1. If you really want people to use cars less and switch to something else during their daily commute then put those T-tracks in the middle of Mass Ave finally.
  2. If you can't to do that then at least designate some lanes on Mass Ave to busses only, during morning and evening rush hours. Nothing is less discouraging from using public transportation than busses that are stuck in traffic and effectively even slower than cars.
  3. If you want a bike sharing program in Arlington please remember that this town is a very hilly place and not everyone lives in lowland right next to Mass Ave.
  4. If you decide to go ahead with Zagster don't limit it to Arlington. It just doesn't make sense. Extend the stations at least to Porter Square in Cambridge and Lexington Center.
  5. Put those bike lanes on Mass Ave. Both sides. And the full length of it.
  6. Don't forget about bike racks. But no "wheelbenders" please!
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