Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's the end of March so it must be... winter

This morning the weather was simply "perfect" for this time of the year. Rainy, cloudy, dark, cold and ugly, with lots of snow still piling up everywhere and refusing to melt. Everything was telling me to stay in bed late - ideally the whole day. Despite that, I felt like I really needed a bike ride.
I did a 2-hour loop around Harvard, MA desperately looking for any signs of spring. Tough luck - it seems that we will "enjoy" this winter a bit longer. I already wrote why I think March is by far the worst month in the year (if you live in New England) and I sill stay by it. March just sucks here, especially when you compare with Europe, where spring is in full swing. Not to mention Southern California where they pretty much enjoy summer.

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