Thursday, July 25, 2019

Could you sell everything and live traveling constantly?

Have you ever dreamed of being able to travel constantly? Not being tied down to one place but able to explore the world, meet people, see places? In today's world this certainly isn't an easy endeavor. Our society is no longer nomadic. We are now "designed" to live in one area for most of our lives. But there are some who try. Recently, I found out a video by Jesse Carlsson and Sarah Hammond who decided to sell everything they had and live off bikes, year-round.
It may sounds easy at first but once you realize this means selling your house, car, quitting your desk job and turning truly nomadic, I'm guessing very few of us would be serious enough to attempt it. Clearly, such lifestyle isn't for everyone.
First of all, most people who are nomadic are young individuals in their 30s. Then, they are either single or in a relationship but have no kids. Very rarely I hear about whole families with little children who live this way. Third, it's pretty much given that modern-day nomads have professions that allow them to work remotely, as much as possible.

But Jesse and Sarah point also out something else - the idea of downsizing. Essentially, the question whether we really need all the stuff we gather on daily basis. Honestly, do you really need a 4000 sq ft house? Or three cars? As Jesse says in the video - it's better to experience things than have them.
Unfortunately, I feel that our American culture nearly prevents this. Years ago I worked with a Canadian and I remember him saying "In America people work for money, to have things. In Canada we work for the weekend". Whether this is true to most Canadians, I have no idea. But many Americans I know don't understand that rather than working 5 days a week for more money, I would work 4 days a week for less. Three-day weekends - what's not to like?

As much as I think about it, being a modern-day nomad isn't really for me. While I would love to have more free time and travel more by bike, I know that once a while I would like to come back to a place called home - however small it would be.
Finally, as some people pointed out in comments to this video, Jesse's and Sarah's lifestyle is a luxury and especially a luxurious concept for the poorer part of the population. Most people don't own much, are tied to one place working in order to survive and can't afford wasting time for travel. Being as free as Jesse and Sarah are, is something nearly unheard of in most parts of the world.

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