Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Real cyclists don't complain

I read an article recently (I am not giving you the link since it wasn't in English anyway) about a battle that cyclists fight with local city council. The city built new bike lanes, which was a long-time request from cyclists but failed to recognize that a man on a bike is not the same as a pedestrian and requires a little bit different facilities. Most paths throughout the city were built with regular raised curbs in places where they intersect with traffic lanes. This obviously creates major obstacles for bikers as, especially those less-skilled ones, have to dismount in order to push their bikes up the curb. Such designed bike lane is not a "lane" anymore since there is no real flow of vehicles. It is just an interrupted movement. The battle continues. Local cyclists want now these curbs to be lowered.
Obstacle course (Source: Rowerowy Raciborz)

However, the most interesting of all were comments to that article. The minority commented that this situation is ridiculous since it could be essentially compared with a highway were cars have to drastically slow down in order to drive over giant speed bumps laid across the road. It is a bike lane not an obstacle course after all.
The majority however, claimed that "real cyclists don't complain" and bikers should be simply happy that they even got any bike lanes at all. Raised curbs should not be a problem for a "real cyclist", uneven bike path surface just adds some fun and in general, cyclists are too demanding and they don't deserve the facilities they get.

Do we really complain too much or do we just fight for our basic needs?

One thing for sure - the eternal war of bikers and drivers will never end.

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