Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why I hate Schrader valves

I really hate Schrader valves. Most of them. Why? Just look at the valves I have in my Schwinn. Try to inflate these tires:
Easy? I don't think so. When you push the pump head on the valve the whole valve dips into the rim and installing the pump on it is a real PITA. Good quality Schraders come with fully threaded body and thumb nuts that secure them on the rim. Like this one:
Schrader valve with threaded stem (Picture from Wikipedia.org)

But these are rare and it is not easy to find a factory built bike that would have them. Most Schraders that come with factory bikes are crap. It is a perfect example how saving a few cents in manufacturing costs does not make sense. The result is a worse product that becomes a source of aggravation for its users.


  1. These inconveniences are nothing compared to the Presta valves that Specialized installed on my Globe Roll 2 (Mondo Sport)...

  2. I've had two bikes with schraders and I've never had this problem. The air pressure stops the stem pushing in (when pumping up from empty after a change of tube etc, I just push from the other side with my thumb when pushing the pump on). Why not just get a pump that screws on instead (it's what these valves were designed for anyway)?