Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cycling in snow

It was supposed to rain only. And after 6pm. I would have been home by then. Instead, what we got was snow. It started snowing in the early afternoon and continued until evening. For the first time this winter I had to bike home with snow falling on my face. It wasn't the most pleasant ride since I rode my bike upwind so at the end of my ride I looked like a biking snowman. However, it was suprisingly easy to ride my bike in these conditions. The only problem I had was with the snowy mud that kept sticking to the front tire and ocassionally braking the wheel when jammed between the tire and the fender. I made sure to ride slowly since roads may have been icy. The new tires had suprisingly good grip to the road. Probably better than my shoes.

As you can tell, my bike's color changed from black to white and at the end of the ride I was a bit worried leaving all that salt and snow on it. I wanted to rinse it right away but since my garden hose was frozen I had no choice but to leave it this way until the next day.

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