Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feeling flat

It was a nice winter day yesterday - sunny and mild. And I wasn't too happy that I had to drive to work instead of riding my bike. I felt a bit "flat", although not as much as my bike did. The old problem came back on Monday and my Schwinn lost all the air in the rear tire. It turned out that my temporary fix was only temporary. The tire is cracked and there is no way I can fix it.

I stopped by at Cycle Loft in Burlington to buy new tires for my Coffee. I put them on last night togehter with the new brake pads since old ones were quite worn.
This morning invited me for a bike ride with a beautiful, sunny, winter weather. It is getting cold though. The thermometer showed 8F (-13C) but the wind chill made it worse than that. I decided that wearing a thin woolen hat under my helmet would be a smart choice but I still overdid it a bit under my windbreaker. I wore a thin, short-sleeve t-shirt under my sweater and I was getting a little too warm. Apparently a thin t-shirt, sweater and an uninsulated rain shell is more than I need to keep me warm on my bike at this air temperature.

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