Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Don't blame street design for cyclists deaths"

That's what he said. Mr. Cox, that is, who is Wyoming's state DOT representative. Yes, it looks like in the state that has more bears than people, they figured it all out. Cyclists die on roads not because American roads are dangerous by design. It's because those cyclists are simply completely irresponsible!

But apparently, irresponsible cyclists are not only American problem. Down under in Australia some of them attempt riding their bikes and not wearing a helmet. Which, as we all know, is a serious crime punishable by immediate execution on spot. Recently, brave Australian police caught one such scofflaw in Melbourne but he got away somehow. Maybe because his last name was Schwarzenegger and who would want to argue with Mr. Terminator himself?

To be honest, Australia looks like one messed up country (not the only one though) with their mandatory helmet law. To make matters worse, now they also consider mandatory high visibility vests for all cyclists. I bet this means that Australian roads are so well designed that the only thing left to reach their Vision Zero goal is to dress all people on bikes in neon rags and styrofoam hats.

By the way, if they are so concerned about visibility of vehicles on roads, have they already banned all dark cars in Australia? No? Weird.

Another great example of how irresponsible and inconsiderate cyclists can be comes from UK. British police excels in eliminating those most dangerous criminals from society so no wonder little 4-year old Sophie caught their attention. She was clearly committing a serious crime by riding her bicycle on the sidewalk. Her place was obviously on the street between speeding taxis and heavy lorries. Thank you Grantham police. We all feel so much safer now.

There you go. In case you wonder how to deal with cyclists in your town, learn from the best. And when all methods fail you can always try to ban some of them from your streets. Remember, less cyclists means less irresponsible people on roads!

UPDATE (3/19): I have bad news for Mr. Cox from Wyoming. It seems that the roads in his state are not as safe as he would like to see them. They ranked as 2nd the most dangerous across the U.S. (after only Mississippi). That's surprising, considering that Wyoming is the least populous state in the Union. How did they manage to be the worst?

Not surprising is the position of Nantucket (not too far from my hometown) as the safest county in the United States. There are hardly any cars there.

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