Wednesday, October 19, 2011

About this blog

It's called Boston By Bike, even though, technically we don't live in Boston.

We live in Arlington, MA (So it's close enough). By "we" I mean, me, Dr.J. and Elka.
We moved here a few years ago.

In 2003 I moved across The Wide Water. Earlier, I spent much time in Poland and Germany.


  1. This is a wonderful blog. I recently started working on a program which the company resides in Poland the acronym is PCO, though now they go by Bumar, i believe they were just bought out. I hope to visit Poland one day. I also met a woman from Poland during one of my mountain bike rides and she was lovely.

    Keep the posts coming.

  2. Thank you! I read your post on your blog and frankly, I would prefer riding a bike in U.S. than in Poland. While U.S. drivers are far from being perfect, the speeding mania of Polish drivers makes me feel really uneasy on roads over there.