Friday, October 28, 2011

Critical Mass done wrong

This happened a while ago but I still would like to comment on Boston Critical Mass that took place in June. First, take a look:

Maybe for these cyclists blocking a major intersection seemed like a good idea, but it was nothing else but showing that cyclists in Boston are just a bunch of egoistic a**holes. It is essentially like going on war with drivers. Is this what we really want?

I cycle as much as I drive and I can't understand the point of this action. I always thought that the purpose of a Critical Mass is to show how many cyclists are there in the city and that these people also deserve certain facilities like bike paths, parking racks, etc. Is this how we want to raise awareness? Through aggression? We keep doing it and Boston drivers would definitely hate us more.


  1. This is the same for Critical Mass in Chicago.

  2. CM the world over has this problem. It also attracts a minority of morons who like to goad and insult drivers.

    IMO if you're gonna ride and show solidarity then ride. Corking (as its sometimes called) should be done to aid safety, not be a display in itself.

  3. A cry for attention, and the response will be negative. Not a good negotiating strategy for a groups with little power and low in numbers.

    An understandable outburst and a moment of being in control by a group at the bottom of the totem pole of the streets.

  4. • Boston Critical Mass has been going on for well over a decade. But hey, generalize from 34 seconds of video, that's so valid.

  5. @Jym:
    I am definitely not trying to generalize from this short video. My critique is related to this single incident, not the entire Critical Mass movement. I realize that most Critical Masses do NOT look like this.