Thursday, December 22, 2011

Be American, save your legs?

Today's weather is quite amazing. It really feels more like October than the end of December. It is 13 degrees C outside! Obviously with such a winter weather, there is no excuse not to ride a bike. Or walk.

Elka took Dr. J. for a walk to Wilson Farm in Lexington this morning since she had to run some last minute Christmas errands. I would prefer to ride a bike since the farm is nearly 4km away from our house, but Elka likes to walk. Especially that we are not prepared to accomodate Dr. J. on a bike yet. His first ride will likely happen next spring.
On the way back, she met a German woman living nearby, who was also pushing a stroller with her kid. The ladies started talking and at some point our neighbor said "I thought you were European." Then she explained: "Because no American would ever walk that distance."

I just say: weather is nice so keep walking or riding a bike. Especially now with all that Christmas shopping rush when finding a place to park at the mall could be impossible.


  1. Sad, but probably true for most. On my mid morning rides to breakfast at the diner, I will not meet one person walking or biking in a whole month. It's a 2 mile bike ride for me and the diner is in the center of an Atlanta suburb small town. The diner will be full (between 20 - 30 people) and everyone in a car.

  2. Actually, not liking to walk is not the American thing. But reliance on cars is.

    I have friends in Europe who would rather cruise around a parking lot in order to find a spot as close to the front door as possible, than park in the first spot available and walk to the entrance.