Monday, December 19, 2011

Trying The Other Bike

It is getting chilly. This morning my cheeks froze pretty well on my ride to work. I guess winter is finally going to visit us this year.

Last weekend I decided to do some tweaks on my Other Bike to make my riding position more comfortable. I am trying different stem lengths and saddle positions to figure out what the best combo will be. Until now, I felt a bit too stretched between the saddle and the handlebars and I want to make sure that even longer rides on this bike would be pleasant.
Riding on the Minuteman Bikeway (Pictures are from a cell phone, unfortunatelly. A SLR camera somehow doesn't fit well in my jersey's back pockets.)

To try out some of the new settings I rode along the Minuteman Bikeway to Bedford. It is a nice 25km (round trip) ride from Arlington ending at The Bikeway Source store...
...and a historic railway car parked next to the Bedford Depot Park museum.

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