Monday, December 12, 2011

Red lights are for fools

There is a good reason why road traffic is regulated by lights and signs, especially in a thickly-settled urban environment, like the middle of Manhattan. Yet it looks like some believe that red lights are only a "suggestion" to stop and one-way streets can be ridden in the wrong direction.

This is a year-old video but it is definitely worth watching again. It seems that most chaos in this part of Manhattan is caused by cyclists. I have no idea if those were some daredevil bike messengers, hipsters on fixies, or cycling moms with children. All of them seemed to ignore basic rules of traffic, endangering themselves and others. Unbelievable. Seeing this, I am not surprised that many motorists still hate cyclists.

If you like to have more freedom and not be limited by red lights, why don't you move to a place where it is perfectly normal to ride this way?

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