Friday, November 4, 2011

About safety again

I have just found an excellent post by James Schwartz from and I decided to write about it here since it complements well with my two previous posts. James even used the same graph to show that mandatory helmets are not the answer. He also prepared a list of action items that should be done in order to improve safety of urban cycling, instead of mandatory helmets. I liked this list so much that I decided to re-post it here:
  • Reduce the speed limit on streets that are shared with cyclists (in North America, most city streets have a posted limit of 50km/h and motorists usually drive faster than this)

  • Build infrastructure to segregate cyclists from fast-moving automobiles

  • Raise awareness about cyclists through driver education

  • Modify traffic laws to take bicyclists into consideration and enforce the laws for both motorists and cyclists

  • Restrict automobiles from turning right on red lights at certain intersections

  • Build traffic signals that accommodate cyclists (especially for safe left-hand turns at dangerous intersections)

  • Build bike boxes to help prevent cyclists from being squeezed at tight intersections

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