Monday, November 14, 2011

Five main reasons why bike is better than a car

Continuing my last week's car-related topic I decided to figure out why a bicycle is better than a car:

1. You can ride and park pretty much anywhere. See that "No parking anytime" sign? It doesn't apply to your bike!
2. You are closer to nature, and you see more. This is why Sunday ride through countryside is much more enjoyable on a bike than in a car.
3. It costs less. Bikes are cheaper, don't need gasoline, and spare parts cost peanuts compared to car service.
4. You need only 10 min. to fix a flat tire and you can do it yourself. Anywhere.
5. You can take your bike into your bedroom. Or even hang it up above your bed.

Would you add anything?

1 comment:

  1. "2. You are closer to nature (...)"

    That's true: closer to rain and cold air and heat and winds. (I'm joking, since I agree with most of your points.)