Friday, November 11, 2011

Is life best when driven?

I am going to write about cars for a change. Well, just one car, actually. I noticed this new FIAT 500 commercial on Youtube:
I like the new Cinquecento. It is a cute, little city car with really nice Italian design. Its "eco" version (obviously not available in the U.S.) with tiny 2-cyl. 0.9L Twinair engine has an impressive 4L/100km (~60mpg) rating for urban driving. What strikes me in this video is the message: "Life is best when driven". I really want to think that they meant something more by "driven" and not just "spent in the car".

Car manufacturers like to remind us that we can be more "cool" if we sit in the car, instead of e.g. a bike. Just like the recent GM ad campaign.

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