Thursday, January 1, 2015


2015 is here. The previous year turned out to be a pretty busy year for me. In January we were supposed to be hit by a mysterious polar vortex but it seemed to skip New England for some reason.

In February I learned that I live in a "wrong city" because Boston doesn't want to "waste time" to plow bike lanes in winter.

In March I finally took my road bike a for a ride from its winter hibernation and learned a fascinating story about how Americans ruined their public transportation.

In April I decided that it was time to go back to the beginnings and I switched to platform pedals on my road bike, putting my SPD shoes deep in a closet. I tested the new pedals on two short rides and I was very happy with my decision. Oh, and I opened my Twitter account.

In May I got a new bike - Xtracycle Edgerunner 27D. It's been a great addition to my garage and helps me running errands together with my son. He loves it too.

In June the warm weather kept me motivated to explore the surroundings a bit more so I completed several short rides on my Poprad. And I also had a chance to ride a fat bike - Salsa Beargrease XX1. It was fun!
In July I completed the longest ride so far (over 100mi or 160km). I also looked at the "urban bike of the future" competition but I was unimpressed with the results.

In August I finally completed my Frankenbike. It rides very well and I use it on those warm, dry days to get to work.

In September I replaced Tektro cantilever brakes on my Poprad with TRP mini v-brakes. So much more power! I also thought about 3 the most important components of your bike that you can't see.

In October I took a family foliage season trip to New Hampshire. No bikes this time.
In November I looked at the list of 12 cycling things you should do before you die. You should try to make your own list too (That's thing #13).

In December I wondered why most bike headlights are so bad and I wanted to remind you that holiday season is probably the best time to start bike commuting.

What will 2015 bring?

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